If you are a hot tub owner and looking forward to relocation, then here are some guidelines that you should consider before hiring a local or long-distance hot tub moving company. Hiring a qualified and professional hot tub moving company enables you to save time and money, with a stress-free experience.



Hot tub moving is one of the most challenging yet rewarding work ever; moving it requires special equipment, preparation, planning, and care. It is also one of the most difficult moves because it is a bulky, heavy item that Joe’s Guy With A Truck moves with ease with our advanced hoisting equipment, straps, and knowledgeable and friendly moving team. This is where hiring a competent and reliable, experienced hot tub mover comes into effect. So what should a hot tub owner or hot tub mover need to know before hiring the best hot tub movers in Long Beach Island, NJ?

We are experienced in moving hot tubs from one location to another easily because we have the equipment.


Our highly-trained hot tub movers are knowledgeable in all aspects of safe hot tub relocation. Hot tubs can weigh, on average, 750 pounds or more, so moving one yourself can be dangerous if you’re not skilled in moving heavy objects. Our movers have years of experience moving hot tubs, and we will work closely with you and consider the best moving procedure for your hot tub to avoid any risk or damages while positioning it at your new home. We also offer expert hot tub moving services, so you don’t have to worry about moving the hot tub yourself. With these moving plans, we gauge the hot tub’s dimensions and weight so that we can designate the appropriate number of movers to assist in its relocation. We also oversee water drainage and refilling, as well as a safe power connection, to ensure that your hot tub is set for use upon arrival. Please call or contact us for a HOT TUB time machine quote.